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If you desire a Frenchie, take your pick from a litter at Crosstimberfrenchies. We are an experienced dog breeder that focuses on breeding French bulldogs.


Aside from offering cute Frenchie puppies, we also provide stud service from some quality studs of various colors and DNA.

Learn About Crosstimber Frenchies

Dog lovers who have always wanted French bulldogs will be delighted to see different litters from Crosstimberfrenchies. We offer puppies for adoption in Oklahoma. Very adorable and sociable, our pups come in both exotic and standard colors.

On this site, we post pictures of our cute litters. Whenever we have future breedings scheduled, we will post photos of our dams and studs. All of our dogs are AKC™ registered. We raised them lovingly in our own homes. They are kept indoors, and we provide them with all of the necessities to assure their good health and well-being.

Aside from offering the cutest pets to fit your lifestyle, we also offer a stud service. We provide you with the proper genetics for a breeding program. Our more than 15 years of experience in handling this and other breeds has made us fully knowledgeable of its nature and habits. In fact, we have already come to a point where we could read a dog's character just by observing it.

If you want to know more about the dogs we breed, ask our past customers. Or, you can ask us directly by calling today.